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The Self Love Organization INC.

The Soul Study Self Love Journal

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Welcome to the Soul Study Self Love Journal!


The Daily Prompt Journal to guide you on your Self Love Journey

115 Questions of Healing



          This journal will guide you on your Self Love Journey. Soul Study uses Self-Guided Therapy, a Self Love journaling technique created by CEO & Founder of the Self Love Organization INC, Denise Francis.

This Self-Guided Therapy journaling technique uses a combination of Self- Awareness, Self-Questioning, and Self-Study as a form of healing through journaling. This allows your thoughts and emotions to speak to each other while creating a safe space for Self Love and healing to be explored through paper and pen.

Soul Study will challenge you to break the walls you created, meet your inner child and find the root needed to heal.

& so your healing journey begins sis... 






    This will be the year of HEALING!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 84 reviews
    Penny Driver
    Thank you so much for creating this journal

    I love this journal, it's been so eye opening!!

    Crystal Curry
    Didn't know how much I needed it....

    I use to write all the time in high school and hit writers block after college. I needed a reason to write again. It make me think about my past more introspectively and I'm thankful. The packaging is beautiful and you can tell a lot of thought went into it.

    Yolanda Johnson

    I bought this book for my daughter as a Christmas gift. She really loves it.

    tracee chapman

    This journey ask all the right questions that make you get real with yourself . Read the prompt, write it out, and watch your chest feel a bit lighter!

    Glennda Albury
    Therapy for my soul!!

    This is the journal I did not know I needed. It’s very eye opening and thought provoking. It causes you to open up in ways you didn’t know you needed to.