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The Self Love Organization INC.

The Soul Study Self Love Journal

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All pre-orders will be shipped in May 2022! 



Welcome to the Soul Study Self Love Journal!


The Daily Prompt Journal to guide you on your Self Love Journey

115 Questions of Healing



          This journal will guide you on your Self Love Journey. Soul Study uses Self-Guided Therapy, a Self Love journaling technique created by CEO & Founder of the Self Love Organization INC, Denise Francis.

This Self-Guided Therapy journaling technique uses a combination of Self- Awareness, Self-Questioning, and Self-Study as a form of healing through journaling. This allows your thoughts and emotions to speak to each other while creating a safe space for Self Love and healing to be explored through paper and pen.

Soul Study will challenge you to break the walls you created, meet your inner child and find the root needed to heal.

& so your healing journey begins sis... 





     All Pre-orders will be shipped in May 2022!


    This will be the year of HEALING!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 48 reviews
    Immediate healing!

    I started the same night I received it and already had a realization that made me cry. There is a guide given in the journal to help you properly address the daily questions that are asked. I didn’t realize what was what until I used the guide and question to help me through. I just started and I am already thankful I found this journal.

    Keyla Wright
    Wonderful Journal

    Love it. Going to buy some more to gift. This journal allows for very thoughtful and meaningful insight for an individual to explore how just below the surface deeper revelations.

    Dorothy Mackey
    Highly recommend!

    Thoughtful progression of prompts and enough space between each prompt to get all of the thoughts out about it that I need to—super productive and healing for all souls, wherever you are in your journey (not to mention the lovely presentation it came in)

    Sontee Duncan
    Amazing invention

    This has made me so sad and happy to dive within my soul.

    Toni Roberson
    Absolutely Love

    So very detailed & heartfelt, just beautiful.