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The Self Love Organization INC.

The Soul Study Self Love Journal

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Welcome to the Soul Study Self Love Journal!


The Daily Prompt Journal to guide you on your Self Love Journey

115 Questions of Healing



          This journal will guide you on your Self Love Journey. Soul Study uses Self-Guided Therapy, a Self Love journaling technique created by CEO & Founder of the Self Love Organization INC, Denise Francis.

This Self-Guided Therapy journaling technique uses a combination of Self- Awareness, Self-Questioning, and Self-Study as a form of healing through journaling. This allows your thoughts and emotions to speak to each other while creating a safe space for Self Love and healing to be explored through paper and pen.

Soul Study will challenge you to break the walls you created, meet your inner child and find the root needed to heal.

& so your healing journey begins sis... 






    This will be the year of HEALING!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 76 reviews
    Brittnee Bynum
    Love it !

    My journal came & I’m in love ! It’s very therapeutic and the prompts help a lot . My mind stays blank a lot so yeah , they help ! I’ve started journaling on Sundays ; as that’s the only free time I really have . Big ups to the creator - you did your thing ! I’m hoping to gift some when I’m done with mine 💜

    Markisha Staple
    Let it Go!

    This journal has allowed me to dig deep.It allows me to be transparent and let go of the past. Once I put my thoughts on paper, I release it. It is something about seeing it on paper!!! Release it and Heal.

    TaNigel Jacobs
    This Journal Is Amazing

    I enjoy this journal. It’s really helped me concentrate on my emotions better. I’m learning to be more honest with myself and it’s challenging me to dig deeper.

    Te’Ara James
    Self love journal

    This journal is amazing. There are questions that I’ve never thought to ask anyone especially myself that make you think and reflect on your life and experiences.I’m taking my time getting through it but I’m loving the journey so far.


    This journal is helping me see things I would never admit to myself. I’m so glad that I made this purchase. I’ve been struggling so much to express myself and even within the first few days I’ve been able to actually express myself freely without feeling bad. Thank you so much for this. ❤️